You're A Dead Horse

Written by: Annalee Pierce

(So Beat It)

How many times must I forgive you
You meant just what you said
How often must I play these games 
We're forced to forfeit at the hands
Of your disease
You're so busy crying wolf that you've
Forgotten you're red-handed
Scene of the crime laced by the scars that
You have made, your words
From the poison that an absent mother brings

I've spent my life keeping your secret
You tell me why I should?
Give me one good reason to protect the
Logic that's become fail proof
Hogwash is your calling card, bipolar is 
Excuse for when you drop from
My life completely, without a single sound
I said it: you're insane, and I'll 
Venture far enough to say that now it's all
Your  fault
You had the chance to dig yourself 
Out, and now that it's too late, you're dragging
Of us down

Yes, I'll admit that you're a burden
I still don't want you dead
Since you've officially denied to be my 
I want you gone instead, as
You've for years intended. For once, I 
It wasn't all about you. I'm
Caring about me for a start, not that you
Could tell
Oh, you've missed your cue?
Well I'll give you a hint: this is the part where
You act like the adult, so I 
Can be a kid again

I'm evicting you and all your secrets out
Front door of my mind, and onto
The corner of the real world that you can't
To find. I've been your helpless hostage
Just one too many times. You were once violent,
Cruel, and never the mom I'd be 
Ashamed to leave behind
I guess this is ta-ta for now, so don’t let your ego
Hit you in the rear on your
Way out