An Appeal from a Desperate Young Man

Written by: Jhobeb Villasor

                      It's hardships if less inspired 
                     Life direction will be direct less
            And your decision making becomes pointless
             Likened to the Caribbean pirates in distress

                      I hope i can be Orlando Bloom
        Who has a Keira Knightly that is bewilderingly lovely
                  and gives his life hope and direction
                   with a touch of love and affection

                  i hope someone would give mercy
                     To someone like me in weary
                 It's as if i'm a damsel in distress 
                  Locked helpless inside a fortress

              I am in a terrible and desperate situation
         Calling out for someone that can be my inspiration
              I hope she will give me hope and caress
          For i'm like a frog who needs a kiss from a princess

              Oh my princess, i hope you'll be for real
      And come out from nowhere to help me with great deal
          Inspire me and energize me, Oh my dear lady
        And please include it with love that i need greatly