purple bracelet:i remember you

Written by: charmane bellen

A purple bracelet made of beads
i found in my small box chest
while holding it only your name pops in mind
trying to figure how i feel inside.

A purple bracelet you handed me
afraid to accept i'm counting from 1 to 3
back in 6th grade can't figure the feelings
infatuation or first love, you don't tell me either.

A purple bracelet i'm afraid to wear 
i just keep it, for what's reason?
it doesn't matter it's been a long time,
for the past years we both forgotten.

The purple bracelet you gave me,
it doesn't fit me anymore but i'm glad
remembering we became close
contrary of what we are now.

A waste of time! what am i doing?
reminiscing the past is not my intention
but cleaning my closet, take away wastes
and this purple bracelet... i should keep.