Preacher's Rap

Written by: KJ Hooten

Or  “Repent, Sinner”

You think you so smart
An’ everyone else obtuse
You always workin’ some angle
And bettin’ you’ll never lose
But you’re all in a tangle
Caught in a triangle
Between wants and needs
And what’s real

You think you
Got it made
But yo’ logic is skewed
Yo’ best plans
Destined to come unglued

You see,
What’s real
Is me
And I can see
Yo’ games

You is a fake
Make no mistake
If you will take
From everyone
And pay back with lies

Yo’ pay-back will make
A lightning storm triflin’
A earthquake resemble
A baby’s mud pies
You see
God and me
Know all you do
And sooner or later
it will 
Come back on you

So try lookin’
Beyond yo’ own
Personal geometry

Yo’ scams
And angles
Yo’ soul-killing tangles

And re-a-lize
You can’t stay here fo-ever

Of what comes after
And where you want to go
Don’t you know
The Devil can beat
Yo’ best tricks
You don’t wanna mix
It up with him

So try lookin’
Beyond yo’
Personal geometry
Yo’ scams
And yo’ angles

And comb out the tangles
You got yourself in
Satan uses yo’ fear
To keep you near

In Satan’s big plans
and yo’ little sinnin’
God’s got you
Beat from the very
Even before the Fall

God’s not-secret weapon
Is His Son
An’ His Love
An’ His Joy
And oh Boy
 Don’t that 
Beat all