Unsolved Mysteries

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

 It was FBI Agents, JonBenet Ramsey and Amelia Earhart,
 Who almost blew the JKF assassination conspiracy apart.

It was when they were sort after; the lover’s decided to spit,
Amelia Earhart went to Peru and JonBenet Ramsey to Egypt.

Amelia Earhart attempted to get a message to him with huge drawings which was a 
As one looked like a monkey blowing a jet fighter plane.

The CIA said if she came in, she would have immunity in exchange,
But it was too late as she was taken by aliens by landing site called Stonehenge.

JonBenet Ramsey was declared missing  in Egypt, after being  captured in a photo shoot,
He was last on a pyramid which the Gods used to squeeze their grapefruit.