Democracy is Dead

Written by: Red Fiery

Democracy   faces the  greatest  peril 
when corrupt and paranoid politicians
with their delirious speech promisingly
Preaches  the  false  idea of Fraternity

the country is awake
and they sleep with their
narrow nationalistic ideas
Reform is a lost practice
for they are indulged 
in series of unlawful acts.

Who  said ,' India  is a poor country'  ? 
they have foreign bank accounts
pounds and dollars
all  hoarded  up here ...

The  love  for  the  Motherland 
now  buried  with  Gandhi...
 he  must be  weeping 
over  this  poor state of deformity

Wish  I  could  revive those lost glories
where India was a  book of  beautiful old stories....

Smriti  Jha