My Thoughts

Written by: Noble Smalls

In my thoughts in which I believe in some type of dreams weather they be truth or 
lies from the storm of my life defines me.

Inspiring me to be positive, to look forward to a future so bright filled with love but 
yet I'm so blinded. 

I find myself sitting alone in the rain. 

Rethinking my life as I know it so well because of mistakes I hold close, as I make 
attempts to cherish a life that at times I'm not so proud of. A reminder of the 
imperfections of a man looking in a mirror trying to figure out who he really is, in the 
inside of his soul. 

Dreaming of that control that is needed to function in a normal life. 

Though.. am I normal...?

I fight with myself, I struggle with my heart as my tears pumps and fill the wells of 
my eyes. Life's tragic and beautiful magic as tamed me to dream up things we 
known as fairy tales causing many to cross over, over lapping dreams. And so it 
seems that we are lost by our own choice to search for something.

Not happiness but the meaning of this so call life we are
trying so hard to live.