at the crossroads

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

I ‘m standing at the crossroads
Wondering which way to go
Do I walk the road less traveled
Or the street that no one knows
Will I tread upon that winding path
That seems to go nowhere
Adventurous in my journey
do I prefer to share?
I’m standing at the crossroads
 There is no turning back
When I look I see sweet memories
That put my life on track
I have strolled familiar roads before
They have brought me to this place
I will take the time to ponder 
The future I will face
I’m standing at the cross roads
These  eyes take me near and far
From the friends that I see passing by
To the brightness of an evening star
I’ll approach each day with wonder
With each careful step I take
walking this road to a different beat
to the life that I will make