Wake up and smell the blood

Written by: Bobb Marly

There is a light on my front porch I turned it on in memory
Not just for the baby Caylee
But for all of the children who die daily
We mourn and cry and are justly outraged
When we hear of such atrocities and read of them on every page
But it is not just the children it is people of every age
Senseless killing and blatant neglect
Marriages and homes hourly wrecked
But in satans world what else would you expect
Watch out for number 1 cause no 1 is watching for you
Respect is earned through violence and the brand name on your shoe
The kingdoms of his world he offers over to you and in exchange you give your soul 
cause you've nothing better to do
Desensitized and mesmerized by shiny things and fame
We worship at his alter as his angels of light blaspheme Gods name
We play and seek after every hypnotizing game
Blind we are and blind we lead
Not seeing not caring not hearing the pleas
We talk and do nothing as the innocent continue to bleed
06 July 2011 5:30 AM