The Sound of Rain

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Under the cover of light or darkness
music plays of the purest
of sounds.
Each note is different as it
forms within the air.
The music is created by something
that is mostly detested for its
ability to strike at the most
inconvenient moments; it is
the sound of rain.
It hits the dry ground, splashing
into embryo puddles, separating in
to spheres of droplets of the clearest
Each sphere is like a diamond,
under rays of sun it creates
immense rings of colour, halved
by the sounding landscape thus
rainbows are born.
Rain is one face of nature that
is almost frowned upon but still
it persists regardless.
The sound it creates is one
to be listened to for it
percolates peace through every
The sound of music for its
ability to create calm is one
that seems to have been made
into a rare gemstone; it has
to be found to be treasured.
Rain might be frowned upon
but it is the source of all
life on Earth; we were all
born from water.