Written by: Hector Leyva

The pillar stood strong,
Cemented to the solid ground.
Stanting it sang a silent song,
Speaking of the way it was bound.

" To this roof, to this floor,
My days forever given to these two."
But the pillard wanted of this no more,
Its freedom it decided to pursue.

Letting go of one would mean destruction,
But it was a price worth paying.
Being the only availabe conjunction,
Yet desperately for freedom praying.

It stepped aside and let the floor fall,
As it did so it shattered into tiny pieces.
The pillar stood silent but tall,
From it's burden it had finally had a recess.

The happiness was short-lived,
He had no purpose in life anymore.
The roof he had purposely out-lived,
Feeling empty, he tipped over and broke.
The mighty pillar was no more.