Written by: E. Pearl Anderson

Walking along life’s crooked gardened paths
Becomes more meaningful with time;
First early steps to follow butterflies
In bright sun with cheers to make rhymes
Touching soft pink flowers feels heavenly
Pink shoes; pink ice cream; pink dresses;
Feeling “pink” is great along childhood’s path
Little girls with bows in tresses

Young boys prefer blue on pathway’s palette
Various shades on trucks and sky
While wild animals roam imaginations
This blue pathway soon passes by
Today, I think about these pathways of life—
The blacks and reds of self expression
Those paths wandered into bright new frontiers
Where friends shared deepest confessions

Now I am on a path of reality
One previously untraveled 
Self-made dreams begin to fall all around
Health-related thoughts unraveled
Let pink Roses and blue Wisteria
Border this path with white Hyacinth;
As unfamiliar weeds crowd this pathway—
Meandering through new labyrinth