Written by: GABRIEL LOLA

Your special day it was and you

truly deserved every goody and roses you

can get from the mother universe!

Happy birthday to a special friend! 

Although I haven't known you many years, 

Yet these months you have imposed fonder

memories and you've dried so many tears, 

Pleasure reigns as I send these greetings send. 

Your happiness should last till all things end! 

Because you've been so sweet and understanding.. 

In toughest times you've made us laugh and smile 

Rejoice in your own specialness awhile: 

This I am not requesting but demanding! 

How else to make yourself the celebration. 

Doing what does not come naturally? 

Always your concern has been for us, 

Yet now you must endure my adoration! 

God be with you as your title implies

and see you through hassles of the years ahead.

Happy Birthday Chisomaga Sophia!