Written by: Afroze Ali

"this poem is not about what is written, 
but what is not written. . . "

Firmly rooted, I stand in this desert of nothingness
Facing your wrath and warmth with equal willingness

Life around me moves ahead, passes me by
Scorpions, birds and occasionally a butterfly

You gave me all the power to bear fruit, nurture and shade
Yet my entire life passes standing stoically in one place

The wind nudges me, taunts me as it blows
I still stand there unmoved, head shamefully bowed

The leaves that greened with me too flew away
Eloped with the breeze in autumn, left me betrayed

The fruits that I had worked hard to bear
The flowers that graced my wavy hair

With time, these too were snatched away from me,
No reason why I still stand barren and empty.

My bark reverberates with the melancholy of my soul
Waiting for lightning to wield its shining sword.

Afroze  Ali
Contest name: 'The unwritten'
5th July 2011