Written by: kristen bruni

There are no words to truly describe
the love for one furry prince I know. 
I had the mirror image of him
in the past, then he had to go. 

I never thought I'd feel the
same for any other dog.
For bulldog's possess a special
soul which can clear out any fog. 

Then a miracle came into my life
when a friend acquired another. 
I got a second chance to 
unconditionally smother. 

No more taking for granted
the precious gift from above. 
Appreciating every moment
practicing free love. 

The wonder of a non judging
bond, no misconceived notions. 
The only thing they understand
is loyalty than spans oceans. 

Once you've experienced this
once in a lifetime connection.
You slowly shed your insecurities 
appreciating all your imperfections. 

Secure in your relationship
free to be the real you. 
Never walking on eggshells 
afraid of being misconstrued.  

Simply meeting needs
required to satisfy. 
The grass is never greener
because you know you can amplify. 

(for Pick a Pet Contest 67-4-11)