Beautiful Souls

Written by: Olajide Adelana

(Inspired by Pedro Meyer's photograph titled "Grandma's Picture")

I used to draw
Faces of the open skies
Inhabited with
The stars of shedding radiance.
The full moon with exhibition
Was dancing through the night;
Its darkness was stripping off its depth
But, its silvery glow was bright as the Northern star...

The stars stirred-up gaze
Cast a blunt of a frowning shine
Upon beautiful souls
(Like powder rubbed on their cheeks)
Dimensions of new hope shone in their eyes
As they shimmered like the spine of sapphire;
They stood devotedly with wonder
As broken dreams were refurbished.

Nightingales yodeled upon the heavens
The grayish melting fragrances
Of the morning dew
Descended on its tempest meadow
And the blazing treachery of every hearts
Culminate into dust-forming substances
As a new dawn plummeted
On the palm of hopeful souls.