Like Mother Hen

Written by: Ingibo Benson

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it"
Swedish Proverbs

All the while I went my way
Hot hostility halt my been gay
Anger defiled my melodious voice
Frightened love, fled far from been mine
Each dawn grew my melancholy phase
Still you cared, it made me amazed
Each of thy smiles slightly faded my repugnant scowl
It a little, shamed by burning anger
My heart pictured if thy world was true
I began to believe for I was always at rest with you
Many a time I would have gone back
But amidst my distressing scowl,
Mama smiled like my scowl was a charming smile
Felicitations of envy I'd give to men
But you were ever gentle and patient 
An insolent child is not thrown away, I'd
Hear her say
Just before hate could ruined me
You gave me reason to believe love is true  
Slow ridding years mended my heart
Your incessant warmth refined me
Your warm embrace taught me the 
Way of love; comforting, reassuring 
Ever patient and forgiving
You showed me the beauty of love
Now the world is a mirror
When I smile they smile bright too
You are the constant sky in my life
I love you mama

For the contest “The Right Time” written by Ingibo Benson
Fourth July 2011