Sometimes Love

Written by: Kristin Baker

When are you going to say
What you’ve been wanting to say?
Waiting to say
Why wait?
I’ve already spilled it all
You love…
Yourself maybe?
Maybe her? Or perhaps him?
Sometimes me
Why do we get jealous again?
Fill up with rage?
It’s a show-sometimes
What audience are we performing for now?
I’m starting to hear less of an applause
Maybe we’ve just grown used to the sound
The noise
Unless it was never there at all
But we can make anything up in our heads
And believe it
What’s made up in your head?
For yourself?
Or for her? How about for him?
Maybe for me
If you have anything to say
You should say it now
Considering it’s too late to make a difference
So why continue to keep it in?
I admit it-
I love you
Now you say it; it’s your turn
Admit that you love me

Written July 4, 2011