Trading Places

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

It... was all supposed to be a simple meet
Between friends with a hug and a kiss
She felt good in my arms 
And I thought I got to have more of this

But after the kiss everything was a blur
From my eyes I saw me 
And from mine she saw her
Somehow we changed bodies, but how could this be

I quickly looked down and OH she has my bits
And blocking my view are these two large t-ts
I cried for my manhood
I know this might sound crude
But I think it was the feminine side
That just came out and I couldn’t hide

We departed I needed time to think
I could feel my depression at the brink
Then I thought, O’ girl what a joy 
I’ll nip down the shop and get me a toy
Three days later I was still in bed
Saying got to have more before the batteries are dead.

Then, I had a conviction, this isn’t mine to abuse 
So three days later I put the toy to good use.
Then he, I mean she called we have to meet
And go through the ritual of how we greet
So between friends with a hug and a kiss
I felt odd hugging me like this

Then it happened and I was back with me bits
As I looked down without the obstruction of two large t-ts
But I had this nasty burning sensation
An itch, scratchy feeling not to mention

I ran in the toilet and examined me friend
She had abused him so much he had a raw end....

***For The Love Of My Life Besides My Wife Wilma Sexy Neels***