Written by: John Monteblanco

This poem is not about what is written, but what is not written.
You can clearly see how much I used to love you.
But now, now I don't even want to remember your name!
Was it Scott? or was it Tod?
I had my dress all picked out for your amusement, but I guess I'll just let the leaves hit 
the dirty floor.
At least you have that in common you filthy cheater!
I'll never forgive you!
If I could, I'd make your life hotter than hell and as wild as the open seas!
I'll stand here and wait for someone to find me or at least before I jump off the edge.
Your face is my hate, your successes are my failures, your highs are my lows.
Why would you cheat on me?

John Monteblanco
The Unwritten