What lies beneath the surface

Written by: Chrissy Downing

It’s a long winding road, 
This life we all walk in
My path has become deteriorated
I can no longer see my road ahead of me
So through the extreme and rough off road trails ill travel  
There is no more saving me
Im a lost soul 
Among many I may walk
But completely alone i think to find myself
Sorrow is sown into my soul
Hope has been lost
Fiercely looking within myself to find it
This is not who I am
But it is who I’ve grown to be 
I’ve found many things are a lie
Soon I’ll see my reality
And find that all along I was completely alone
I shall run off to the far seas
Immerse my frail body into the depths of the cold
The taste of the salt upon my tongue will be welcomed
As I breathe my last breath of air my head will go beneath the surface
And there I shall find the eternal peace 
The peace I’ve been desperately looking for all my life
This life I live may be a lie
But there was never a truth to begin with