What you want, What I want

Written by: Kelly McDonald

What I want is small
Seems nothing at all
You make it seem petty
I’m not sure I’m ready
To give up control
Leave gaping a hole
All seems black and white
When nothing is right
How can it be best?
This pivotal test
To give up what’s mine
Not simply defined
Yet their will is not mine….

What you want is not fair
You plot and despair
Your angst thrust at me
But still they don’t see
You are a their hero
It’s not enough though
To promise and not be
No one sees it but me
I struggle with pride
Emotions to hide
For they are innocent
To your true intent
Maybe it’s best this way
Letting it all slip away
I’m beginning to see
I have nothing to gain; hearing their pleas

What I want; What you want
With all stripped away
Perhaps we are able to me half-way
Maybe it’s true
Even though I might lose
What we really should say
Is that it’s them that will pay
Unless we want the same thing…