letting these boots go part 2

Written by: sabastin gunner

Slowly painfully however we have begun the process.
  I still wear similar boots at times, but entirely different.
Now instead of protecting a republic they safeguard the things that my previous 
boots required me to sacrifice.
 Kept me away from and unknowing of.
 These new boots don’t run on a moment’s notice to lands far and away.
Yet to a stranger place very much unknown to me.
A place called home. A place called civilian life. 
A place where for the first time instead of leading others treasures into harm’s way.
They lead my treasures to the park or yard for a romp in the sandbox.
Always vigilant for a portion of the old boots remain.
 Although the new boots need to be broken in. With time that will happen.
 I will suffer pains while I adjust from my previous boots. 
So now I move forward slightly limping but with a smile on my face. Goodbye my old 
friends I must let you go. 
For my new boots fit me fine. 
Now I must help my children make their own boots from all I have learned from the 
old and all I have to learn from the new.

submission for next issue of Mamalode
Topic letting go