Praise God,Oh Glory

Written by: Treasa Jarvis

I may not have any earthy goods
and I may not have any fame
but someday in the book of life
I know you'll find my name
I long to walk on streets of pure gold
can't wait to live where we'll never grow old
Praise God,Oh How I praise God

Praise God, oh Glory hallelujah 
Christ is King
Praise God almighty
let the Hallelujahs ring
Praise God forever
How the Heaven's ring
Praise God, Oh How I praise God

I may not be the beautiful one
I don't claim to be much at all
but someday I'll have a heavenly form
when I arise to my saviors call
Someday I'll have a mansion fair
over in glory Land
I get so excited in praise I lift my hands..