You Are

Written by: Shani Fassbender

You are free
  to be
    anything you want
Take from the world
  what you need
Scatter yourself
So that you are still here
  even when you’re gone

You are a daughter and sister
  who has learned and grown
Still showing traces
  of a little girl’s innocence
    that wrapped itself around you
  before you were aware of life’s reality

You are a wife and mother
  who cares deeply for her family
Always loving and nurturing
  but also giving them room to grow
Hold their hands
  yet know when to let go

You are a co-worker, neighbor, friend
  dependable, honest, and real
Someone who loves to laugh
  even at yourself
Sharing advice, sympathy, strength
  when those around you need it most

You are a person who makes mistakes
  learns from them and moves on
A student of life
  whose mind is never closed
Open to new things, people, places
  yet stays grounded in faith
You know it’s okay not to give 
  one hundred percent of yourself
Because when your children are grown
  or if you find yourself alone
You will still be secure in who you are

Your cup is half full
  while your heart overflows
You are true to yourself
  and the ones you love
You are a beautiful soul
  that needs to be free
You are me