when sparks fly

Written by: Milton Toran

Roger was an humble man,
who dreamed of being a stud;
for when it came to the bedroom,
poor Roger was a dud!

He created a sexual tool,
powered by electricity;
guaranteed for pleasure,
a boost to virility!

A simple strap around his waist,
electrodes glued to his rear;
a remote control for comfort,
for the one he loved so dear!

One Saturday, he stopped over,
his girl was dressed in red;
after a candle-lit dinner,
they hurried off to bed!

Roger was lean and ready,
as he strapped on his device,
when they began to fool around,
she was reaching paradise!

That's when he pushed the button,
increasing his sexual speed;
"I'm the man!!"...he boldy cried,
a mistake he made indeed!

Roger thrived to go faster,
setting the dial for super power;
by now he was ego trippin',
his goal was to last an hour!

Sparks began to fill the room,
followed by a burst of flame;
electricity let loose a crackle,
Roger was the one to blame!

Volts passed through their bodies,
their hair stood up on end;
what started out as pleasure,
wasn't pleasure for our friends!

A hole burned through the mattress,
as they both crashed to the floor;
she grabbed him by his hairy ear,
and tossed him out the door!

Standing naked in her view,
his butt severely scorched;
he begged his girl for mercy,
as he cried out on the porch!

Men take heed to this story,
insecurity's often bred;
be happy with the love you're given,
an ego gets you kicked outta bed!