cruel world

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

I lay my body on this heap,
My eyes are weary and longing for sleep.
As the world gets darker and begins to swirl,
For this poet has found comfort in a suicide pill. 
My  body will be found stiff and chilled
With a note that says “Kiss my ass you cruel world”

I... just..wanted to be loved you see
And the one I love does not belong to me
I... saw her today at the train station
I felt that emotional possessive fixation
She... was...astonishingly radiant, too beautiful to mention
My curse, Gods... perfect invention

Just to think one year ago 
I was smelling her, touching her kissing and making love to her you know
Now... I’m tired... life is not the same
How I crave for the innocence of my youth again
To restore my chance to have life in heaven
To rid this curse and make me unleavened
But the chances of that happening are slim to none
So kiss my ass world and the rest of you, have fun

As I lay my head on this bed
I hope to get it right and they will find me dead.