Million times Thank you

Written by: nilofar shaikh

          I wish to thank you,
    For an infinite number of things I have,
       This beautiful life which you gave,
  And selected excellent parents for the same.
        Also blessed me with a brother,
  With whom I grew even better.
         Bestowed upon me talent and intelligence,
   And was never short of confidence.
         Helped me choose the right path,
   So I should never face ill aftermath.
       Strength to conquer the events of failure,
   Also supported me so that the pain would cure.
      Inculcated the attitude of caring and humbleness,
   Which is the reason for my success.
      Then came the time for tieing the knot,
   Found the best person as thought.
     There were a few occasions of shortage,
  Yet passing through them was not so difficult to manage.
    Love and happiness has been abound,
  Also gave me opportunities to visit beautiful places around.
      Not easily but gradually, the dreams became real,
   Because you were always there to signal.
       I put my steps and walk ahead,
   I knew by whom I was lead.
       I have my own house to shelter,
   Once again happiness entered as ever.
       Now another boon you have presented,
   For which I feel highly rewarded.
        The stage of ‘motherhood’ is wonderful,
    Oh Lord, I am million times grateful!