Your heart will lead the way

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

when you are lost without direction
seeking stars to show the way
when you need a little guidance
to make it through your day

When you’re searching for the answers
and questions just appear
do you run to find a corner
or a place to hide your fear

there’s no fun in being lonely
when you’re out there on your own
seeking to find shelter
and you can’t find your way home

 stop to take a look inside 
when you think you’ve gone astray
your heart will remember
and help show you the way

There’s a winding road before you
that never seems to end
but the journey is more pleasant
when you travel with a friend

with your heart in that direction
I will follow slowly along
With each step we take together
Our love keeps growing strong

Let your heart take you to places
You have never been before
With trust and compassion
With the one that you adore

You cannot find the words to say
All things that you will feel
Let your heart lead the way
                           And true love will reveal

Loving it when we are together
And dreading it when we are apart
But this love will last forever
Lead by the caring heart