In The Aftermath

Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

In the aftermath of a prolonged period of persecution I was left with Aggravated EmotionS. Ultimately I literally was a new being with a new language. Thus, I was a poet (in the making} but did not know it. Therefore Aggravated EmotionS is twofold yet one in the same. It is both the title of my poetry series as well as a self prognosis.
. Aggravated EmotionS (The Prognosis) This is my declaration of desperation to inform the nations of my alienation. I’ve got myself in a cache 22. No matter what I do, it’s a lose or lose situation. Mentally I've drifted so far away from the rest of the population. I find it difficult to merely indulge myself with someone else in a basic conversation. The depths of solitude has become day in and day out my new place of habitation. My pride refuses to let me face by no means any form of degradation. I’ve developed a sixth sense in my integrity’s defense to detect even the slightest speculation. Yet it creates a conflict between being in realization or hallucination - Leaving my emotions in an irate state of aggravation. Perhaps I'd have been better off to haven not taken any at all of your worthless medications.