Tender and sweet revised

Written by: Treasa Jarvis

Tender and sweet was my first date.
My inocence brought awkwardness,
to this fait.
Alone, with my friends all gone
in his car for the first time,
I blush at a glance at a little romance
as he brushed his hand against mine.
We were meeting our friends
at the movies in the mall.
once we were there
it was less awkward after all.
when we arrived the girls all gathered in
innocently joking about our first dates how they began.
The fellows got tickets, popcorn and drinks,
while the girls all gossiped by the bathroom sinks.
We giggled and blushed , and giggled some more.
We gathered our emotions as we walked through the door.
My date was so nice, Norman, he was a dear.
He stretched out his arm and held me near.
As the movie went on, they were playing a song
the movie was "Pretty in Pink".
Then He held my hand it was positively grand
as we walk back out from our seats.
When he took me home I was nervously blushed,
as I thanked him for the nice date.
Then he leaned in, as I was looking at him.
He hugged me and then kissed my cheek.

Ahhhh..Tender and Sweet  memories of yesteryear.