Life filled with darkness

Written by: Kristina Gilpin

Life is supose to be filled with love and happness
But my world is filled with blackness
I find my self struggle to get out of bed in the morning
I have trouble sleeping
In my family I am the black sheep
Everything I do isn't good enough
My mother hates me not dislike
Because I am not the perfect daugther like my sister
my dad dislikes me because my brother is his fav
Where do  I belong in this crazy world of mine
Will I always have pain
In stead of happiness
Will I always stay at home and close my self from the world
Hoping the next day 
I wake is better then the last
My one true passon is writting 
Cause it's the only way I can really express myself
And how I really feel
But when you read my poerty do you judge me as well
As everyone else.