Written by: Leighann Anderson

Many days are long forgotten,
like ripples in a stream;
they move slowly outwards 
but then disappear almost 
instantly leaving no trace.
Each day ends the same; the sun rises
and sets, like a sudden light being
switched off.
The sun has gone somewhere else,
gracefully shining its rays of light that
awakes all life, but in other parts
darkness has fallen.
Still light persists even in this
land of darkness, it covers the
dark veil in bright spots, creating
a polka-dot pattern; the stars and
moon have come out.
They bathe the land in dim light
creating a gentle sense of being
held in motherly arms; loneliness 
cannot take hold of any soul that
Many peer at the sky
but wonder is always spoilt by
logic and reality; nonsense is thus
trapped within, along with 
childhood imagination.
Starlight, one of the wonders
of creation that beholds many
secrets that remain tightly
grasped by the hands of nature.