The Game Master

Written by: Owen Yeates

The Game Master

Here is the tale of the great game master
No Matter what game there can be no disaster
We all consider this boy such a whiz
At games he is more of a bang than a fizz

In comparison to the others we know
At computer games he just is not slow
He is super fast can clear any screen
In a very few seconds just like a dream

Gameboy playstation or computer game
The outcome will always be just the same
Finds hidden levels, loves killing bosses
He’s just never known to have any losses

Although he is only eight years old
He faces games and is so bold
Each level comes and goes with ease
He leaves other players down on their knees

He is just so good I will repeat
No game I know can he not beat
The only way to lose is if the game is stolen
The game master name our grandson Kieran Nolan