Our Captain

Written by: Linda Etling

Standing on the shores of life Looking out over memories I think of all that God has done And the love He’s shed on me Life is like the Ocean waves rushing us to shore With God to calm the rough waters Our sails softly blow once more I wander through this sea called life wished some things I had changed But through it all I only see How God quieted all the rain When I choose my life's ship to sail And rough waters changed my path The Winds of life softly blew my way And God guided when I asked He’s our Captain on Life's ship at sail Following His compass to the shore Always pointing the way and turning the tide So life’s storms will blow no more When His compass we fail to follow Steadfast it points the way And silently waits for our return Sailing life’s ship to Him to stay There is a cure for life's salty water From sweat or tears or sea I say it’s God for he wipes the tears calm waters, with Him, will be No need for feeling Blue in life for our Captain will live on The wind will always be in our sails He will guide us to the Dawn Through all this life of rolling seas Our God is in control If we make him our Captain He’ll turn our sails To calm waters and blue sky's untold