The Stream

Written by: Gracie Bawden

The words ripple through my head as I sleep,
''Take him to the stream''.
And I will,
I promise.

The sun will filter through the clouds and settle on our skin,
Tickle the backs of our necks and the corners of our mouths,
As we talk, or laugh,
Or as we smile in silence,
Just absorbing everything we have.

Maybe we'll invite the rain,
And maybe it will hang in crystals from the branches and leaves,
Its rainbow radiance settling inches from our faces.

But crystals are glass.
Diamonds will be interspersed between the ripples in the water,
And they shine will like suns,
I can see it now.
I want to reach out and grasp one.
Hand it to you to keep forever.

I'll whisper words like cotton into your pretty little ears,
And you'll love me,
Until I open my eyes

And remember who we were,
And what we are,
And why I dream for you.