Written by: katrina nephew

Standing perfectly still yet torn in different directions.
As stare at a girl with a shattered reflection.

I took the memories swept them under the rug.
Did not understand what you called love.

What do you do when your completely broken?
You cannot replace innocents that has been stolen.

Haunted by secrets buried over the years.
Realization replaces numbness with pain and fear.

Somehow the truth has become entwined.
Misinterpretation concealed the lies.

I turn around face and deal with my past.
Tears finally fall as reality is unmasked.

I know its not my fault still I am riddled with guilt.
I will never understand and cant change how I feel.

Once a perfect girl you took advantage.
Now in her place is a women damaged.

I pick up the pieces left with imperfections.
Marks left behind from your life lessons
But in the end you will never break me 
The only thing u did was teach me.