Aye,Aye, and a Mistress

Written by: Brenda Atry

Writers wrong readers with wiles
Please protect poetry and prose
From flagrant fraudulent fancies
Of overwritten odius odes.

A related collection of poetry
Now can be published at whim.
The author just needs lots of money,
Hubris,and perhaps a few pencils or pens.
Once the selection is published,
Layman will fawn at the elequent jewels,
Of eight words of lithe, flowery meter,
Grouped together by formal,old rules,
You and I know better,we can't be fooled. 

Another anthology appears
Boldly boasting ballades
Can't construct cinquain
Ditto deconconstructing didactic

Easy efforts elevate essentially
Fabulous flippery, fun, fauxmance.
Give gifts ,gaity, glory
Hide hyperbole ,hail honesty

Ignore idiosincricy
Jubilant jeweled jots,
Krielle knowledge,
Luminates lovers learning.

Masters manage monoku
No one notices nonsense
Only ones own oratory
Presents problems personally

Quatern quixotically quizes
Rhymers,readers, royalaires.
Simples statements said softly
Translate terse tense truthfully

Unless unabridged
Villanelles vex vaguries
Written without wordiness
Yes,you yearn, yearn yonder

Zee's zero

For Deb's Challenge A A and a Mistress

Brenda Atry