The Dance

Written by: Beth Watkins

Tonight the happy wait
is quickly passing like a stream
and the glitter gathers everywhere
resting softly like moon’s gleam.
Oh, do you remember?
The tinkling song still lingers, 
its sound dancing like the wind.
The smooth voice of Song,
And how her deep tone
Moved everyone to dance.
Us, dancing, 
Laughing boisterously like children at our lack of skill
or apologizing as we tripped, 
Girls glaring in unison
As we brushed their shining diamond dresses.
You held my hand
and were unafraid, 
despite the sullen surprise of whispering friends.
Oh see the vibrant violet dress
that cascaded softly like the rain, 
and the way it flashed, luminescent 
like a brilliant lion's mane
while happiness happiness
Happiness that I had never known engulfed my mind.
This was where the sound began; 
with its profound ring 
Opening my broken heart like a key.
And then the key disappeared
into the black, 
forever flying out of reach.
I remember the color of music, 
and how you
and all of your goodness
were part of me for a breathless moment.