Blame it on me

Written by: Celine Tran

I was mad, I was insane! 
Letting my pride overtook me.
Now I realized I did not gain
but suffered, alone, painfully.

You were pushed away
heartlessly, though I love you.
Our relationship ended halfway
and all the things we wanted to do.

If I could change I would.
The past had passed, I tried and failed.
How sorry I am was never understood,
but the law forbid, you had to go to jail. 

Blame it on me for being so young
I guess I wasn’t meant for you after all…
Blame it on me our songs weren’t sung
Blame it on me tragedies had befall.

An incomplete puzzle, lost with missing pieces
Tears shed had form seas.
The morals came and the game ceased
And you can blame it, blame it all on me.