Your Gift To Me

Written by: Shannon Deane

"I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it is my gift to you"
                                                                A Rambling Poet ~

A gift of sublime
To create beauty from pen
Inspiration all around
Emotions beckon
Waiting for their release
Finding their way through our dreams
The subconscious mind
A relative mystery
Lost words unable to find
My masterpieces
Echoes of yesterday 
Dreams of tomorrow, today
Beginning anew
Confidence reinforced 
Time to better myself
Spread my wings and fly 
Free to wander and write
Creating beauty from pen 
Dipped in the sublime
Wrapped in a fantasy world
Fresh with raw emotions
Marking who I am

Written By:  Shannon Deane
Written:  June 27th, 2011
Contest:  Writing In The Sublime