Written by: joy bohland

I used to get heartfelt thanks
I used to get honest words.
Maybe sometimes I'm too frank
and I apologize for everytime I curse.

Where did all the people go?
All the people who felt my words in their bones.
Where did all the people go?

Maybe you think I write just for me.
Maybe you think I type it all up just to see
my own words on my own computer screen.

I guess I thought you related to me.
Imagined I wrote your feelings for you when it wasn't easy.
Thought I had some sort of impact/effect.
I was wrong, it was just a crazy dream.

Where did all the people go?
I'm still here, writing away.
Sometimes you respond with a "nice write, keep it up"
and sometimes I think I'll just give this *crap* up.

Where did all the people go?
I miss you, come back? 

Even if you disagree
write me, tell me how you really feel...