intoxicating little wonderfuls

Written by: joy bohland

Its laughing out loud in a silent room
when everyone turns to look at you...
Its hearing your favorite song for the tenth time,
pretending to be Shakira, at the red light.

Watching a father with his children
throwing them in the air then catching them.
When the only fear you knew
was how high he'd throw you before he caught you.

Intoxicating little wonderfuls.

Kittens catching fireflies.
Runaway balloons flying high.
Tipping of your canoe.
Is tipping cows something people really do?

When the storm blew the electric
and Mom said isn't this the lovliest?

Hearing your brother
tell your mother
she'd done alright.
Mom you did good.
Mom you did so good
and we all cried.

These are 
these are...
life is so hard
but these are 

intoxicating little wonderfuls.

Laughing out loud in a silent room
watching a red runaway balloon...