The Forgotten Lover

Written by: Chuck Keys

The Forgotten Lover
she dances in front of me
airborne on weighted wings, 
burdened in detailed details.

blind to my eyes she stays
purposely hidden
but e'ver so viewable inside 

in graceful soundless flight 
doing daily do's and don'ts
arms spread wide, lips in wait

nobly christened to serve
giving a must
trusted beyond

she robotically marches forward
in her daily stride
tired, drained, alone yet filled

does she smile at the sunrise
rejoice with the moon
i am blind to either

who is there to hold her so dear
what does she taste like in a moment of tenderness
and gently stroke her golden heart

a life filled with her memories
of days and nights engrossed
in others

sadly, nary a kiss
arms holding nothingness
warmth that cools in time, waiting

alone at the end
boundlessly captured
waiting to be loved

the lover waits
for the lover
that has to be

© Charles H Keys, 2011.  All Rights Reserved