Written by: Hector Leyva

Drowning in this verage's lovely poison,
Splashing in an ocean which has long been frozen.
Spinning around in circles with a fake smile,
Drowning in alcohol and an ocean of denile.

Drinking life away until the last drop of venom,
Walking amongst the crowd of many being a phantom.
Poisoning reason, dreams, smiles and life.
Seeking happiness and putting in it the sharpest knife.

Sinking in the most addictive poison of them all,
Stumbling, faintful, but refusing to fall.
Feeling it burn every part of me as it rushes,
Seeing it my life take as my dreams it crushes.

Feeling every vein bein burned by flaming torches,
Seeing the ground rise as my fall the poison forces.
Fallen but struggling to rise to unsteady feet,
Fighting to rise knowing faith this poison can defeat.