Happy Birthday

Written by: Sami Helbaoui

I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it is my gift to you . . .

Green apple,
Is the sweet tender of life
Its taste is as soft as your skin
Its flavor makes me dance as the lullabies of your voice
It crunches like the sound of my heartbeat when I meet you
It makes me high as you make me fly

Red apple,
It shocks me like the beauty of your red cheeks
It dazzles me like your shiny eyes
It dozes me like the scent of your hair
It warms me like your upcoming breath
It greets me like your wide open hands

You play me with your smile
Cripple me with your words
I find myself engulfed in your kindness
Leaving me nothing but death in love
You hold my heart and soul
More precious than all I hold
Though I have nothing, I have all
As you lay in my arms there is
Nothing more that I could ever want.

Happy birthday,
And may the others be too
Live happily as your heart is pure
Smile up high and remember... I'm with you
Forever till I die I will be the other you...

- Written by, Sami Helbaoui
- Contest, Writing In The Sublime