Arrogance Ceases success

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal


An irrational behavior squatter’s home,  
Rattles hope and desires of a soul,
Requiring reengineering for survival , 
Otherwise it’s impossible to reach the goal.
Geniuses descend possessing,
A thought process defying the truth, 
Narrates the story of disappointment,
Cremation of the souls blessing,   
Energizing soothing misfortune turning life depressing 

Catching eyes unpleasantly,
Enchanting for wealth and power,
Arousing bottom is sure, 
Sensing at Zenith you bathe in this shower
Entangling your fortune at jeopardy, 
Sophistication hurdles the simplicity and growths tower

Such thoughts should behold,
Understandings will only strike the point,
Celebration should be never ending,
Creating a unbreakable joint
Ending life’s in disappointed stance,
Seizing opportunities like anything for creating menace,
Such behavior is a poison for success known as “Arrogance”.