Clash For Calm

Written by: suleimon bamidele BALOGUN

                   CLASH FOR CALM

What an ugly day for the
walking with the mind,sleeping for days to 
For the tent is to the Cyber,yet,rolling the unexplained.

Miles while clash for calm,and cluster when the
day grows rosy;
For in with shabby act,when hardship set-in her very act
And handy work shows for determination.
As when dicey but occupying a space to hold her thought.

It was hard;it's hard
For the linesman to eat,eating with carried 
For the chant are of chaos:holding the legs while her basket clamour for 
crops of the produce,
Basket for all;when the produce's harvested.

Tonight the clash must calm;
For the occupant has arrived,in fullness, strength
And fulfilling her worth:to order the queen glory for cry
To cry with an asthmatic mind:filled with slump of life
Life for all,when the clash has come to calm.