Written by: Annalee Pierce

I am the storm that comes unbidden
Pouring down on your uncovered
You face me without so much as an umbrella
But then, you never really thought
You'd need one
Because I always gave you sunshine, and you 
Never thought you'd see the day
I would change my mind and leave you
And bring you to this state

I am the reason for the traffic you encounter
On your way to work
Cars pile up just like the pain; there is nothing
You can do but let them stare
You in the face
I weigh you down with droplets as they cling onto
Your shirt. There's simply no way
Avoid me, and unsurprisingly, it hurts you

I flood the gutters of your house, I
Rain on your parade
Little children dance in puddles of me, but 
You're too old to play their games
If you had the choice, you wouldn't touch me 
With a dirty ten-foot pole
Face it, you need me. Without me, you would die

I muddy your shoes and water your plants
Who knew that without me
In your life
I'd still find my ways to swallow you up whole?
I surround you entirely. You think it's
Really me
But what you see is just your memory
I'm a rainy day mirage, nothing
But a gypsy
I'm just a storm personified into the girl 
Who haunts your dreams

You'd think that when I left you, I'd hoped
To never leave a trace
But I am the storm that comes unbidden
I am the one who made it rain