Written by: Leighann Anderson

All things, great and small,
are created by a perfect
harmony of multiple phases,
like music played on a
piano; there are many keys
to create a simple masterpiece;
the masterpiece of nature is life.
Most small things seem inferior
but without one can disrupt 
the whole system creating a 
sense of fear, greed and inhumanity 
for things that are considered
vital suddenly become scarce.
The term “utopia” is considered to
mean a perfect world, a world in
which war, hunger, and disease do
not exist, then yet human life
continues to turn a blind eye to
what is truly happening to our
home; scars are burnt into the
landscapes, animals are disappearing,
insects that pollinate plants are 
vanishing and sometimes without a 
Human life may consider itself
to be powerful, whole, special,
intelligent, but regardless of the
word human life will not last if
the system is disrupted for it
depends on the one source that all
life requires – food.
It is not a word that 
actually exists for human life
is naturally selfish; it takes
but rarely gives back.
The world human life aspires to
is not always created for nature
always comes second in human
Pity is the only word that can
be assigned to human life for
it is not as superior as it
considers itself to be for
nature has a sneaky way of
turning human life on its
very own head.